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September 22, 2021

Use Seesaw to Start Stopped Heart, 1933

A life-saving seesaw has been invented in 1933 by a University of California scientist to revive those whose hearts have stopped, as the result of certain kinds of accidents. While oxygen is forced into the lungs and heat is applied to the body, the patient will be rocked steadily up and down on the pivoted plank, to which he will be strapped lying on his back.

The patient is rocked while oxygen is administered.

The theory is that the steady change in position will cause gravity to send the blood coursing through the veins and will start the heart beating. The apparatus, the inventor points out, is for use only in certain cases where the patient has met with an unusual accident.

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  1. It is this sort of ridiculous desperation which makes human beings look really stupid. Whether it is a seesaw, a mandated pseudo-vaccine for a largely non-lethal virus, or the posting of gratuitously misogynistic photos in order to keep visitors coming to a website, it illustrates the need for allowing natural selection a freer rein.




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