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September 22, 2021

40 Gorgeous Photos of Greta Nissen in the 1920s and ’30s

Born 1906 as Grethe Rüzt-Nissen in Kristiania, Norway, Norwegian-American actress Greta Nissen debuted as a solo ballerina on the National Theatre in 1922. She toured in Norway and appeared in several Danish films. She then made her Broadway debut as a ballerina in 1924.

Nissen was discovered by film producer Jesse L. Lasky of Paramount Pictures, and would appear in more than twenty films. She appeared in The Wanderer (1925). Among her other films were Lost: A Wife, The King on Main Street, The Love Thief, Ambassador Bill, The Lucky Lady, and Honours Easy.

In 1932, Nissen played in The Silent Witness with Weldon Heyburn, who became her first husband. In 1933, she moved to England. Her film career ended in the mid-1930s after she had appeared in a few British films. In 1937, she retired from movie acting altogether.

A 1925 New York Times review of the silent film A Norwegian Actress described Greta:
She was graceful in her movements and expressions, with a constantly changing gaze. The actress was attractive rather than beautiful. Her chin and nose were both somewhat pronounced. Greta’s personality was delightful and she never showed an awareness to the audience that she was conscious of being on camera. Her skin was fair and she possessed blonde hair. At different times her coiffure had a somewhat “wild” appearance.
Nissen died at home in Montecito, California of Parkinson’s disease in 1988, aged 82. Take a look at these gorgeous photos to see the beauty of a young Greta Nissen in the 1920s and 1930s.


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