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September 23, 2021

Photographs of Teenage Joan Jett Practicing Baseball Batting in Los Angeles, 1977

We already knew that rocker Joan Jett is a big fan of Major League Baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles.; in 2012, she wrote the team a fan letter, informing them that she’d even snuck peeks at scores while on stage.

According to an interview with Billboard in 2014, Jett has been a self-described “Orioles freak” since the late 1960s. “We used to live in Maryland and my dad took us to see the Baltimore Orioles several times,” she said.

In 1977 photographer Brad Elterman had a chance to take some photographs of Joan Jett practicing her batting in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles.

“One day when Joan and I were both in our teens, I borrowed my parents green Plymouth Duster and left the coolness of West Hollywood and headed over the hill to the San Fernando Valley. I had this idea of taking photos of Joan hitting baseballs at this hot dog joint called Flookies on Ventura Blvd. We scarfed down a bunch of hot dogs with all the trimmings and then she went to work hitting the balls. I was the lucky kid taking all of the photos of a rock and roll legend!”

(Photos by © Brad Elterman)


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