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June 14, 2021

A Series of Photographs of Downtown Belleville, Ontario in 1975

Belleville is a city in Ontario, Canada situated on the eastern end of Lake Ontario, located at the mouth of the Moira River and on the Bay of Quinte.

Belleville is between Ottawa and Toronto, along the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor. It is the seat of Hastings County, but politically independent of it, and is the centre of the Bay of Quinte Region.

A series of photographs from the Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County that show downtown Belleville, Ontario in 1975, commissioned by Heritage Belleville.

Building on Bridge Street East in Belleville west of the TD Bank. The Wonder Shoppe was at 6, H & R Block at 8 and McKnight's Variety at 10 Bridge St. East, between Front Street and the Moira River

160 and 162 Front Street, Belleville, Ontario, with Cablevue office at 160

160, 162 and 166 Front Street, Belleville, Ontario. The Corbin Lock building on Coleman Street is visible through the passage way 

166 and 168 Front Street, Belleville, Ontario

186, 188, 190 and 192 Front Street, Belleville, Ontario (the Lister Block). Businesses included Lots o'Leather, Davison & Davison Travel and the Modern Café

194, 196 and 200 Front Street, Belleville. Businesses included McKinney Insurance and Central Taxi which was located on the southwest corner of Bridge and Front Streets

Bank of Montreal at 201 Front Street, Belleville (northeast corner of Bridge and Front Streets)

Brady & Menning Law Office at 283 Front Street, Belleville

Brennan & McBride insurance adjusters at 146 and McDougall Insurance at 148 Front Street, Belleville, Ontario

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce building at 237 Front Street, Belleville (southeast corner of Front & Campbell Streets)

Carmen's Beauty Salon at 269 and Meagher's Men's Wear at 267 Front Street, Belleville

City Hotel at 310 Front Street, Belleville

Corby/Jamieson Bone building at 157-163 Front Street, Belleville which housed Quinte Karate School on the 2nd floor, Clayton's TV (161 Front) and the Jamieson Bone office (163 ) on the main floor

Ed Thomas's cigar store at 182 Front Street, Belleville, Ontario

Esquire Men's Wear store at 258 Front Street, Belleville

Fish and chip restaurant at 352 Front Street Belleville, and T. and J. Variety store at 356 Front Street

Florence's Baby Palace store at 313 Front Street, Belleville

Geen's pharmacy at 276 Front Street, Belleville

Goodman's store at 307 and Conventional Barber's Shop at 309 Front Street, Belleville

Hamilton's Jewellery and Gifts at 209 and Cosy Grill at 207 Front Street, Belleville

Leslie's shoes and luggage store and Leslie's Ski Den (on the second floor) at 255 Front Street, Belleville. McIntosh Brothers department store is partially visible on the left

Mr Jeffery at 316, Olympia Restaurant at 318, Cue & Cushion Billiards at 320 and Mr Zed Submarines and Burgers at 324 Front Street, Belleville

Murrays Foodmaster store at 290 Front Street, Belleville

Office of Paul Fleming, chartered accountant, at 123 Front Street, Belleville

Reddick's Bakery at 304 and Wray's at 306 Front Street, Belleville

Reward Shoes store at 220 Front Street, Belleville

Roluf's store at 227 Front Street, Belleville, with Singer store next door

S. S. Kresge store at 260-266 Front Street, Belleville

Sherwin Williams store at 303 and Tropical Gardens Pet Shop at 301½ Front Street, Belleville

The Bata shoe store at 233 Front Street, Belleville

The Reading 'n' Greeting Shop and Coles Jewellers at 292 and 296 Front Street, Belleville (Nathan Jones building)

The Red Shark at 281 and Copp Shoes at 279 Front Street, Belleville

Walker Hardware store at 248-250 Front Street, Belleville

Walker's menswear store at 280 Front Street, Belleville, with the adjoining store advertising a 'Going Out of Business' sale (Harrison building)

Woodley Furs at 273 and The Coach Room at 271 Front Street, Belleville

Woolworth's store at 242-246 Front Street, Belleville


  1. My mother grew up near there. I'll have to show these to her!

  2. That's a fine collection of pictures. a real trip of the past for me, as I'm 83 now and remember that period well. thank you.

  3. I knew where most of these were Thanks for the tour of our main street when it was the main street




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