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June 14, 2021

Then and Now Photos From the Famous Funny Faces Photo Made by Brooke Shields and Christie Brinkley in 1987

Brooke Shields and Christie Brinkley first made the funny faces—twisted pouts and crazy eyes—at a party on Feb. 10, 1987. Twenty-six years later, the famous duo showed they’re as goofy as ever, recreating the silly expressions while posing together.

The gals ran into each other at New York’s Park Avenue Garage Spring Sale in 2013, where the two snapped the silly selfie, with Brinkley writing on her Facebook page: “Hey Bloggers! Reprising our famous pose from over 30 years ago. ...Yep we still got it ! Let’s see if You can still move YOUR face muscles like this? Lol!!!!!”

While the stars wacky looks are hilarious, sure, even more impressed are their ageless faces. Hard to believe almost 30 years have passed!

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