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June 14, 2021

These Amazing Photos Show What Europe Looked Like in the 1980s

The Polish trade union, Solidarność, and its leader Lech Walesa, become household names across Europe and the world following the Gdansk shipyard strikes in the summer of 1980. In 1981, Greece becomes the 10th member of the EU and Spain and Portugal follow five years later.

(L-R) Venice, St-Jean-d'Angély, and Sofia in 1984

In 1986, the Single European Act is signed. This is a treaty which provides the basis for a vast six-year program aimed at sorting out the problems with the free-flow of trade across EU borders and thus creates the ‘Single Market’.

There is major political upheaval when, on 9 November 1989, the Berlin Wall is pulled down and the border between East and West Germany is opened for the first time in 28 years, this leads to the reunification of Germany when both East and West Germany are united in October 1990.

These amazing photos were taken by paul_3747 show what street scenes of Europe looked like in the 1980s.

Austria. Kirchberg, 1984

Belgium. Brugge, April 1984

Bulgaria. Sofia, 1984

Bulgaria. Sofia, 1984

Croatia. Dubrovnik, 1984

England. Cambridge, Early morning, 1983

England. Dover Castle, January 1984

England. London, 1984

England. London, 1984

England. London, Paddington Station, 1984

England. London, Paddington, 1983

England. London, Piccadilly Circus, 1984

England. London, Praed Street, 1983

England. London, Pub in the Strand, December 1983

England. London, St Martin-in-the-Fields, 1984

England. London, Tower Bridge, December 1983

England. London, Wood Green, 1986

England. Stonehenge, 1984

France. Paris, February 1984

France. Paris, Notre Dame, February 1984

France. Paris, Venus de Milo at the Louvre, 1984

France. Paris, view from Eiffel Tower, February 1984

France. Pont du Gard, 1984

France. St-Jean-d'Angély, 1984

Germany. Dachau Concentration Camp, 1984

Greece. Athens, 1984

Italy. Florence, Ponte Vecchio, 1984

Italy. Pompeii, 1984

Italy. Rome, Colosseum, 1984

Italy. Torre pendente di Pisa, 1984

Italy. Venice, 1984

Italy. Venice, 1984

Italy. Venice, 1984

Italy. Venice, 1984

Netherlands. Amsterdam, 1984

Netherlands. Amsterdam, 1984

Netherlands. Amsterdam, January 1984

Scotland. Edinburgh, New Years Day 1984

Spain. Barcelona, 1984

Switzerland. Interlaken, 1984

Switzerland. Interlaken, 1984

Turkey. Istanbul, Hagia Sophia, 1984

West Germany. Heidelberg, 1984

West Germany. Munich, 1984

Yugoslavia. Dubrovnik, 1984

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  1. First photo of Amsterdam was taken in the village of Volendam to the north east of Amsterdam. The BZN bar, named after the Volendam pop group, is the give away plus Amsterdam has no small bridges of that size.




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