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July 18, 2017

Suffragettes in Color: Striking Images Show the Militant Campaign for Women’s Suffrage Led by Emmeline Pankhurst

The stunning photographs show figurehead, Mrs Pankhurst being dragged away by a policeman as crowds of suffragettes gathered outside the gates of Buckingham Palace in 1914 to demand the King for votes for women.

Another picture shows Emmeline addressing a large male gathering of smartly dressed bankers on Wall Street. Other fascinating pictures show women wearing placards on London streets and walking through their neighborhoods in protest to a host of male onlookers.

The images have been brought to life by electrician, Royston Leonard from Cardiff, Wales. To colourize the images, Royston used a computer programme called Paint Shop Pro which took him 60-hours to complete.

“These pictures show the fight to be heard and seen by a government that wanted women to remain invisible,” said Leonard. “The women were campaigning for the vote and a voice and the fight to have both. They showed people on the streets that they wanted to vote. The most difficult thing was getting the pictures and colours to look correct.”

Leonard started out doing colorisation for his family and friends but now he contribute to three Facebook pages.

(Images: Royston Leonard / mediadrumworld/WENN, via Media Drum World)



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