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July 19, 2017

“To Murder The Faculty” – These Crazy Yearbook Quotes From a Class of 1911 Prove Teenagers Have Always Been Weird

High-schoolers are always trying to get the best possible quote in their yearbook. These weird yearbook quotes were taken from Spokane High’s Class of 1911; and from “marrying a dwarf” to “murdering the whole faculty”, these students covered up a very wide and crazy range of things people don’t usually say.

Although in 1911, you couldn’t show up dressed the way you liked or have the weirdest haircut possible, respecting a very elegant and classic dress code still didn’t stop these youngsters to create weird yearbook quotes.

Students were always playing tricks, even before it was cool, and these weird yearbook quotes by crazy students from the class of 1911 just prove us right.

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