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June 8, 2017

London Skinheads Nazis: Rare Photographs From a Previous Generation of What They Used to Call "Britain's Most Feared Youth Cult"

Rare intimate photographs show skinheads from London descending on Southend-on-Sea for Bank Holiday. In one shot a skinhead performs a Nazi salute next to his friend, who is proudly wearing a swastika t-shirt. Other images show a skinhead mooning the camera, a group enjoying themselves as one pretends to kick the other in the head and other skinheads making their way around London. The photographs were published in amateur photographer Kim Rennie's book, London Skinheads.

“Everyone in the pictures were part of the then London skinhead scene which was centered on the 100 Club in Oxford Street and the Blue Coat Boy (Angel Islington) music gig scene,” he said. “There was often suspicion from the skinheads due to my having a ‘professional’ camera.”

“Many of the skins would take photos at gigs, or on Bank Holiday Mondays at Southend, but used Instamatics. Having said that, in those days whenever you pointed a camera at a skin he was a natural showman.”

These unruly skins were a fairground distraction when they descended on Southend in the 1980s.

Double denim has never looked more dangerous than in this fantastic beachfront photo.

Skins pose up together on the London Underground near their favourite haunt – the 100 Club.

Only here for the pier and the beer. Two likely lads looking tough for the camera.

Skinhead smoking a cigarette on the Tube – perfectly legal in 1983.

Big boots and nazi salutes shocked locals in Southend.

Shaven head, punk-style swastika T-shirt and 12-hole Doc Marten boots made up the look.

A gang of skins paraded along the promenade at Southend sending many locals cowering in fear.

Skins on the seafront, ca. 1980s.

Two skinheads showed their softer side as they sit on a wall on the seafront.

The sight of skinheads marching on to the beach sent some locals running for cover.

A skinhead stares out to sea showing off the spider-web tattoo on his shaven head.

Skinhead moon-stomp. One lad showed off his cheeky side as his mates hammed it up for the cameras.

(Images © Kim Rennie, via The Sun)



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