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June 8, 2017

A German Soldier Returning to His Home After WWII, Who Just Found Out All His Family Was Killed and His House Gone Due to the Allied Air Raids

The photo of a German prisoner of war returning to his home town of Frankfurt to discover his house bombed and his family no longer there, shows the kind the depressing moments of dejected subjects we associate with images of war.

German soldier returns home - Tony Vaccaro

No stranger to scenes of despair, photographer Tony Vaccaro caught the defeated man in the throws of grief, as the bombed shells of former houses loom eerily behind him. Evoked here is a quiet grief, a silent inner turmoil raging within the man shattered by the overwhelming news of his loved ones.

Tony Vaccaro is one of the most respected photo-chroniclers of WWII. After witnessing the end of the war in Berlin, he stayed on as photographer for the US Army newspaper until 1949. A year later, he returned to the States, where he worked for Flair, Look, Life, and Venture magazines.

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  1. We seldom see images that remind us war devastates human beings on both sides of the conflict.




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