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June 8, 2017

35 Incredible Color Photos Document Everyday Life of Sweden in the Late 1930s

For many people, Gunnar Lundh (1898-1960) is the small-scale photographer who, together with Ivar Lo-Johansson, documented the state's lives in Sweden in the 1930s and 40s. Fewer people know the very extensive image agency archive he created during his business period. This includes a unique color archive with about 15,000 images from 1937 onwards.

Agriculture, preparedness and population; peace time and depression; people and royalty - Gunnar Lundh's orderly archives allow us to capture the time - the thought of Sweden during the decades of the Second World War.

Take a look at these incredible color photos taken by Gunnar Lundh to see everyday life of Sweden in the late 1930s.

A couple reading newspapers on the boat, 1938

Two ladies are sitting on a low fence of iron pipes, 1937

A farmer spreading lime on a field, Gotland, 1938

A maid with a vacuum cleaner, 1938

A man and a woman lead their bike, 1938

A sunbathing couple on the park bench, 1938

A young girl in a red swimsuit by an outdoor pool in Stockholm, 1938

An election worker for the Social Democratic Party during an election in Stockholm, 1938

 Audience at World Cup races of the canoe, 1938

Blond woman in green blouse and orange bandeau, 1938

Four people stand on a jetty waiting for a steamer, 1938

People at beach, Visby, 1938

Radio presenter Sven Jerring sits down to the left among audiences in the canoe competition in a suit, Vaxholm, 1938

Scout camp at Tullgarn, Stockholm, 1938

Sheep shaving, Gotland, 1938

The PUB roof terrace, Stockholm, 1938

 The royal barge 'Vasaorden' during the celebration of H.M. King Gustav V of Sweden’s 80th birthday, 16 June, 1938

 Two girls hold a bath ball with stretched hands, 1938

Two women in casual clothes and shoulder straps looking out over water, 1938

View of Riddarfjärden from the terrace at the City Hall, 1938

Woman at hay cart, 1938

Woman in swimsuit and bathing cap on a pier, 1938

Women at the habor in Vaxholm, 1938

World Cup of the canoe, Vaxholm, 1938

Young man with spade, cap and shirt takes a break at work, 1938

A group of people sit on a staircase in the sun, 1939

A sunbathing man in black swim pants with braces leaning against a cliff, 1939

A woman sitting in a lounge chair with striped fabric, 1939

Customs officer at roadbom, Swedish-Norwegian border, 1939

Cycling company on the gravel road, 1939

Portrait of an old woman, 1939

Sailing yacht, 1939

Ski trip over the high mountain, Ullåsstugan, Duved, Jämtland, 1939

Stenhuggare, Hunnebostrand, Bohuslän, 1939

Young boy on a construction site, 1939



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