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February 1, 2016

37 Creepy Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards To Horrify The One You Love

They don’t make Valentines like they used to...

1. Start by being honest with your feelings.

2. Love is no accident.

3. Show them you have a cooking side.

4. But also a vengeful one.

5. Make their heart race.

6. When yes means yes and no also means yes.

7. Show them that they don't really have a choice.

8. Don't be afraid to go full blown psycho.

9. Show them you have the best intentions.

10. Don’t be coy.

11. Love goes really well with politics.

12. A little subtlety can go a long way.

13. A little emotional blackmail can also go a long way.

14. When in doubt use reverse psychology.

15. Don't be afraid to get downright creepy.

16. Show them that you have a good heart.

17. Why try to be funny when you can scar someone with this beauty?

18. This is what love looks like (and some nightmares).

19. Act like a spoiled brat.

20. Show them you have a playful side.

21. Maybe they like science.

22. Or monkeys? WTF?

23. Show them you have love for animals.

24. A little freudian slip is always welcomed.

25. Or you can always just use a clever pun...

26. Perhaps a dinner invitation?

27. The crazy eyes can be a nice touch.

28. Or maby a bit of masochism?

29. That freudian slip sure is popular.

30. Bribe always does the trick.

31. Processed meats: the way to anyone's heart!

32. Seriously, what's the deal with hot dogs?

33. If still not sure , just hog it up.

34. "Toys" are a nice alternative.

35. Imgur's most popular.

36. And why not a plum?

37. And if none of that works...just tell them the sad truth.


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