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January 31, 2016

Epic Moments in Selfie History: 11 Fabulous Vintage Selfies From Way Back When

Here are 11 of the best vintage selfies from well before the invention of the smartphone or the webcam or (gasp) Instagram, dating all the way back to the 1800s.

1. The Kardashians have nothing on this seventies pool-selfie queen.

Stevie Nicks (date unknown)

2. That's one sweet ride.

NASA Apollo Mission, early 1970s

3. Extreme selfie O.G. Terry Fincher got this shot by strapping a camera to his foot while parachuting from a hot-air balloon.

Terry Fincher, 1966

4. Well, this is creepy.

Ernst Haas, 1956

5. Still the best beach selfie in circulation.

Ethel Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy, 1954

6. Photographer Florence Vandamm nailed the mirror selfie more than a half-century before reverse cameras were a thing.

Florence Vandamm, 1947

7. Brit photographer John Chaloner Woods normally specialized in glossy fashion images.

John Chaloner Woods, 1938

8. The original moody-teen selfie.

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, 1914

9. A+ use of cool props.

German fraternity mirror selfie, 1912

10. Evenepoel took his selfies very seriously.

Henri Evenepoel, 1898

11. The very first daguerreotype (silver-plate selfie) taken in North America.

Robert Cornelius, 1839

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