November 30, 2015

25 Momentous Colorized Photos That Let You Relive American History

There's been an explosion in the number of colorized photos lately. People find old black-and-white photos online, and meticulously add color to give us a new perspective on history. Take a look at these photographs and see if you feel any different about them...

1. The Harlem newsboy, originally captured by Gordon Parks.

2. Booker T. Washington in his Tuskegee University office, 1906.

3. Picnickers at a Sarasota trailer park, 1941.

4.  Armed troops blocking off a road near an explosion at an oil factory near Texas City, Texas, April 17, 1947.

5. Frank "Slivers" Oakley, the Baseball Clown, 1904.

A Rare Footage Shows Women Making Christmas Decorations in an Edwardian Cracker Factory from the 1910s

This seasonal interest film shows the girls and women of Messrs Clark, Nickolls and Coombs factory making Christmas decorations (probably at the company's licensed Clamico Works, at Victoria Park, London). It illustrates the various processes involved, with some work done by hand and some with the aid of machines.

15 Fascinating Vintage Photos of the First Female Flight Attendants in the 1930s

Although much has changed in the past 30 years in the world of female flight attendants, the scope of this site deals with the history of stewardesses from the 1930s through the 1970s.

Before commercial air travel, the only airplane passengers beyond pilots or military personnel were brave travelers who hitched rides on small, mail-carrying planes. The pilots were concerned only with flying safely and didn't have time to take care of passengers.

During the 1920s, airplanes got bigger and could accommodate more passengers. Airlines started to hire male stewards and cabin boys to carry luggage, take tickets and reassure nervous passengers, but it wasn't until 1930 that the first woman flew as a flight attendant.

Here are 15 fascinating vintage photos that show the first female flight attendants in the 1930s.

First female flight attendants of United Airlines, all of whom were nurses, 1930

Airplane meal service, 1939

American Airways, 1933

An air hostess, ca. 1930s

Ellen Church, ca. 1930

November 29, 2015

22 Stunning Vintage Photos of Beautiful Black Ladies From the Victorian Era

When people of color are erased from popular depictions of historical eras, some folks can come up with a It of excuses for why their images are absent.

But here's an awesome collection of Victorian era photographs that blow those excuses away. The photographs date from 1860 to 1901, and they show some of the gorgeous and diverse ways that people of color have existed throughout history.

African-American lady with parasol and fan

African-American lady in Victorian Era

African-American woman from Tallahassee, Florida, 1884

African-American women posing with a fan, ca. late 19th century

Beautiful lady posing on the arm of chair, ca. 1890s

Big Hair of the 1960s: 30 Hair Styles From the 1960s That Will Boggle Your Mind

In the 1960s there was one hair motto: “bigger is better!” Some were really able to pull off the big hair like Dolly Parton, Priscilla Presley or Brigitte Bardot, but for others maybe a few of these 1960s hairdos are better left forgotten. A lot of hairspray was needed to keep these in place. Sleeping was a nightmare. Despite the torture, it was a big deal...

Stunning Colorized Photographs of the Discovery of the Tutankhamun's Tomb in the 1920s

Harry Burton's photographs capture Tutankhamun's tomb at the moment of its discovery have enthralled the world for generations, enabling the viewer to witness the 'Wonderful Things' the discoverers of the tomb, Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon, were fortunate to experience first-hand.

Burton's iconic black and white photographs have illustrated the imagination of millions for almost a century, and now a selection of the original negatives and photographs, housed in the archive of the Griffith Institute, University of Oxford, has been digitally colourised by Dynamichrome on behalf of SC Exhibitions and the Griffith Institute.

29th/30th October 1925, Tutankhamun's Tomb | Carter and an Egyptian workman examine the third (innermost) coffin (Carter no. 255) made of solid gold, inside the case of the second coffin. (Carter no. 254).

December 1922, Tutankhamun's Tomb | Objects, including the cow-headed couch (Carter no. 73) and boxes containing joints of meat (Carter nos. 62a to 62vv) piled up against the west wall of the Antechamber.

December 1922, Tutankhamun's Tomb | View of the northern wall of the Antechamber showing the sentinel statues (Carter nos. 22 & 29) guarding the sealed doorway leading to the King's Burial Chamber.

December 1922, Tutankhamun's Tomb | Objects stacked under the lion couch (Carter no. 35) against the west wall of the Antechamber included an ivory and ebony chest (Carter no. 32), black 'shrine-shaped boxes' (Carter nos. 37 and 38) and a child's chair made of ebony (Carter no. 39).

December 1922, Tutankhamun's Tomb | The rectangular white box (Carter no. 50), in front of the lion couch (Carter no. 35) in the Antechamber, contained, amongst other items, linen garments (shirts, shawls and loin cloths), 18 sticks, 69 arrows and a trumpet.

November 28, 2015

31 Amazing Photos of the London Underground From the 1950s and 1960s

Here is an amazing photo collection that shows underground system in London from between the 1950s and 1960s.

1. London Underground rat-catchers with their net and ferrets, ca. 1950.

2. A group of women cleaning one of London’s underground tunnels, 1952.

3. Advertisements being pasted up, 1952.

4. Tube cleaner, 1952.

5. Tube train at Picadilly Circus, 1952.

Weird Weapons and Other Surprising Objects: 15 Strange Inventions From World War II

During the First World War, the Allies and the Central Powers employed modern weaponry and firepower on an unprecedented scale. Both sides also developed new protective equipment in response to changes in military tactics and technologies. These vintage photos from the Imperial War Museum offer a rare glimpse of very unique inventions from the First World War...

1. Heil, Mickey Mouse: This German audio-visual apparatus was designed to enhance the boom and flash of enemy artillery and, thus, help pinpoint gun positions.

2. Not so shining armour: Unwieldy and cumbersome, but the Brewster Body Shield could still stop a machine gun bullet.

3. Man over-bed: US sailors were trained to strap on bed mattresses in the absence of lifejackets.

4. Pedal power: German soldiers generating electricity for communications and light.

5. Now Hear This: Recruits at a US Navy training camp in Seattle receive an earful.


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