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November 28, 2015

Rare Vintage Photos of The Life in Saigon in the 1960s by François Sully

French journalist and photographer François Sully shot these wonderful photos of the life in Saigon, Vietnam during his work of the Vietnam War.

Ho Van Nga Street (now Le Thi Hong Gam), Saigon, 1967

Night scene in front of Rex theatre, March 1964

Refugee camp organized by Vietnamese Students Association and IVS volunteers on Duy Tan Street, Saigon February 1968

Saigon air drill - State of emergency, Saigon, August 1964

Saigon flower market, 1966

Saigon noon traffic on Boulevard Le Loi, 1969

Saigon rue Catinat, June 1964

Saigon street scene, 1964

Scenes on rue Tu Do at night, Saigon, 1966

Scooter traffic on road, Saigon, June 1968

Street scene in Saigon, 1969

The Air Vietnam counter in Saigon, March 1968

The Tet including the flower market, Saigon, ca. 1965-66

The traditional Tet Flower Market on Nguyen Hue Boulevard, Saigon, 20 January 1966

The train in Vietnam, Saigon 1964

U.S. Officers Five Oceans mess hall in Saigon, June 1964

U.S. tanks moving through Saigon traffic, June 1968

U.S. tanks, 25th Division take position to defend Tan Son Nhut Air Base, June 1968

Vietnamese farmers on their way to village festival,  June 1968

Vietnamese war veteran, Saigon, February 1966

Women leaving the area with belongings during street fighting, Saigon, 1968

Xá Lợi Pagoda, Saigon, March 1964

Young Vietnamese girls wear Western dress, Saigon, 1969

Buddhist burial of Saigon riot victim, ca. 1965-66

Buying spree and carnival atmosphere at Saigon Central Market, 20 January 1966

Caravelle Hotel with bombed-out 5th floor, Saigon, ca. 1964-65

Catholic parade on Unity Boulevard, Saigon, 1968

Clare Hollingworth with life photographer Tim Page, Saigon, June 1968

Crowd walking toward the Central and Flower Market at night in Saigon on Vietnamese New Year's Eve, 20 January 1966

ESSO trucks in Saigon (Tan Son Nhat airport on the left), 1968

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