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November 30, 2015

22 Stunning Vintage Photos of Beautiful Black Ladies From the Victorian Era

When people of color are erased from popular depictions of historical eras, some folks can come up with a It of excuses for why their images are absent.

But here’s an awesome collection of Victorian era photographs that blow those excuses away. The photographs date from 1860 to 1901, and they show some of the gorgeous and diverse ways that people of color have existed throughout history.

African-American lady with parasol and fan

African-American lady in Victorian Era

African-American woman from Tallahassee, Florida, 1884

African-American women posing with a fan, ca. late 19th century

Beautiful lady posing on the arm of chair, ca. 1890s

ca. 1890s

Lady in white dress

Portrait of a beautiful woman, 1899

Portrait of a woman of the upper class

Young Victorian girl, ca. 1890

Portrait of beautiful Victorian lady

Young Victorian woman, ca. 1880s

Sara Forbes Bonetta, Brighton, 1862

Soprano Marie Selika Williams, known as the “queen of staccato,” became the first black artist to perform
at the White House, 1878

Victorian lady

Woman with a fan made of feathers, ca. 1880s

Young lady posing with hat

Young Victorian girl

Victorian lady on a sofa

These two classy ladies have set the standard so high

Portrait of an African American young woman

Before Lupita N’yongo, this darling captured our hearts


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