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September 17, 2015

65 Amazing Vintage Stereoscopic Photos of the Life in Norway in the 1900s by Nils Olsson Reppen

Nils Olsson Reppen (1856-1925) was born on the farm Reppen in Sogndal, Norway. In 1882 he immigrated to the US and started a career as a photographer in Browns Valley, Minnesota. He returned to Norway and set up business as a photographer in Sogndal in the 1890s. The majority of Reppen’s negatives were lost in a fire in 1965, and only 388 glass plate negatives remain today.

And here are some of his remain negatives we chose from the collection of Fylkesarkivet i Sogn og Fjordane, all sterephotographs, depicting farms and villages in Sogn in the 1900s.

A big family portrait, ca. 1898-1905

A family in Krundalen, ca. 1898

A funeral in Sogndalsdalen, 1897

A man and his son in Jostedalen, 1898

A man posing to photograph in front of farmsteads in Låvi, Aurland, 1898

A wedding in Sogndal, 1899

A woman photographed at Laksehamar, Frønningen, 1898

A woman with her daughter in Sogndalsdalen, ca. 1911-1912

An old man posing to photograph, ca. 1890s

Årdalstangen, ca. 1900s

At the mountain farm, ca. 1900s

Aurlandsvangen, 1898

Balestrand, 1898

Bergsetbreen glacier in Krundalen, 1898

Binsete, Sogndalsdalen, 1900

Borgund stave church, 1898

Bullock cart, Sogndal, ca. 1898-1900

Eivindvik, ca. 1898-1906

Farmstead, ca. 1900s

Farmstead, ca. 1900s

Farmstead, ca. 1890s

Fet church, 1898

Glacier hiking, Fåberg, Jostedalen, 1898

Group portrait of a family, ca. 1897-1905

Group portrait, ca. 1898-1904

Group portrait, ca. 1900s

Group portrait, Solvorn, 1898

Hanahaug, Leikanger ca. 1900s

Hauge church, Lærdal, ca. 1900s

Hermansverk in the municipality of Leikanger, ca. 1900s

Hiking, ca. 1900s

Hotel Balestrand in front of Vindreken mountain, ca. 1900s

Hygea Cafe, Balestrand, ca. 1890s

Jostedal church and refectory, 1898

Jostedalen, 1898

Leikanger church, ca. 1900s

Man and waterfall, ca. 1898-1905

Maristuen Høifjelds hotel, Filefjell, 1898

Marksmen in Langedalen, Sogndal, ca 1900s

Mill, ca. 1900s

Nessane, Balestrand, ca. 1900s

On the top in Flåm, 1898

Øvre Njøs, Leikanger, ca. 1900s

Øvste Haukareid, Sogndalsdalen, 1900

Reppastølen, ca. 1900s

Reppen, Sogndalsdalen, 1892

Resaland farm, Sogndalsdalen, ca. 1902-1907

Røysaløao, Midje, Aurland, ca. 1888-1890

Skrivareiki, Leikanger, ca. 1900s

Sogn, ca. 1900s

Sogndal, ca. 1888-1905

Sogndal, ca. 1900s

Solvorn, 1898

Steine farm, Aurland, 1898

The road in Jostedalen, 1898

The writer Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson made a speech in Prestadalen in Sogndal, August 29, 1897

Torstad, Sogndalsdalen, 1900

Travellers having a rest, ca. 1900s

Trekking, ca. 1898-1905

Tuftene farm at Haukareid, Sogndaldalen, 1900

Two girls in front of their house, Maurvollen, Balestrand, 1907

Vadheim, ca. 1900s

Vindreken mountain, Balestrand, ca. 1900s

Warships, Aurlandsfjorden, ca. 1900s

Woman knitting, ca. 1900s


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