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September 17, 2015

21 Interesting Black and White Photos Captured Everyday Life in Italy in the 1950s

These beautiful vintage photographs of Italy that will make you want to time travel...

Two women hailing a Vespa Taxi-Scooter, in Milan. April 1952. (Keystone / Getty Images)

Two musicians play instruments in Calabria, southern Italy. Circa 1950. (Evans/Three Lions / Getty Images)

The Reschen Lake in southern Tyrol, which covers the sunken village of Graun, on August 13, 1953. (Keystone / Getty Images)

A man sells cherries from a market stall in Naples. Circa 1952. (Picture Post/Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Sophia Loren on location at Ostia Antica for the filming of ‘La Fortuna di Essere Donna’ with the French actor Charles Boyer. (Enzo Graffeo/BIPs / Getty Images)

British violonist Yehudi Menuhin and his wife Diana eating spaghetti before a concert the Maestro gave in Venice. (Afp / AFP / Getty Images)

A stall holder selling live crabs at a market in an Italian fishing town. Circa 1950. (Felix Man/Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Girls on the Venetian island of Burano learning the art of making lace. Circa 1954. (Three Lions / Getty Images)

A young barber at work on an elderly client in Italy. 1955. (Keystone / Getty Images)

A tour boat leaves harbor for the ‘Blue Grotto’ on the isle of Capri. Circa 1955. (Nocella/Three Lions / Getty Images)

A schoolboy walks through the rain in Saint Mark’s Square, Venice. March 1958. (Koenig/BIPs / Getty Images)

A group of unemployed men playing cards on a street corner, Sicily. Circa 1955. (Three Lions/Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Italian driver Alberto Ascari steers his Lancia at the finish line of the 1000 Miles race in Rome. May 1954. (Stf / AFP / Getty Images)

Italy’s Fausto Coppi finishing the seventeenth lap of the bicycle race across Italy. June 1952. (AP Photo/B)

Laundry is pinned across an entire building on wash day in Sicily. 1955. (Patrick Miller/Archive Photos / Getty Images)

Italian film stars Vittorio Gassman and Silvana Mangano wait for a take in Venice. February 1954. (AP Photo)

Famous Italian film and stage actress Anna Magnani in Rome. January 1952. (AP Photo/Lucio D’Aloisio)

Sophia Loren on location at Ostia Antica for the filming of ‘La Fortuna di Essere Donna’. 1955. (Enzo Graffeo/BIPs / Getty Images)

A pair of priests read ‘L’Osservatore’ outside St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Circa 1955. (Evans/Three Lions / Getty Images)

An Italian man watches an American tourist walking her poodle down the Spanish Steps in Rome. Circa 1955. (Evans/Three Lions / Getty Images)

Young Italian men having lunch in a cafe in Rome and reading the communist paper ‘Unita’ and the socialist ‘Avanti’. Circa 1955. (Evans/Three Lions / Getty Images)

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