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August 13, 2014

Interesting Vintage Photos of Motorcyclists in Queensland, Australia

Motorcycles are a fun way to get around. Motorcycles can help with work on the farm or provide entertainment through stunts or speedway racing. These photographs capture motorcycles from the early 1920s onwards.

Joan Grimes, Australian Women's Emergency Legion, learns to ride a motorcycle, to fit her for the job as a dispatch rider, if needed, 1939.

Three Blackall residents on a motorcycle, ca. 1930

A young man is at the top of a small ladder attached to his motorcycle, ca. 1955.

Officials cutting the starting ribbon at a speedway motorcycle race in Brisbane, 1930.

Motorcyclists lined along Bourbong Street, Bundaberg, ca. 1937.

Man dressed in a long dustcoat, hat and goggles with a motorcycle standing in front of a painted backdrop in a studio, ca. 1935.

Motorcycle racing at the Mareeba Speedway, ca. 1930.

Motorcycle race on the beach at Bundaberg, Queensland, ca. 1947.

Motorbike and sidecar with rider and passenger, ca. 1922.

Motor Cycle stunt team, Thrills and Spills, Bundaberg, ca. 1937.

Motor bike racer getting a push start at the track, Brisbane, ca. 1955.

Members of the Brisbane Motorcycle Fishing Club, Adelaide Street, Brisbane, 1938.

Herb Beecher and his Waratah motor bike, ca. 1940.

Harley Davidson motorbikes with sidecars outside Mackenzie's Newsagency, Bulimba, Brisbane, ca. 1953

Possibly a despatch rider, 1915.

First meeting of the Cairns Motor Cycle Club at the Woree Speedway, ca. 1930.

Solicitor from the Toowoomba district, wearing driving gloves and a dust jacket, on a Harley Davidson motorbike, ca 1930.

Don McPherson on a 350cc Harley Davidson Peashooter, Townsville, ca. 1930.

Cousins Eric and Henry Beck on their Indian motorcycle, Cribb Island, 1926.

Cec O'Mara and Ben Unwin on their motocycles at a speedway race at Davies Park in Brisbane, 1930.

A boy, wearing a long coat and a hat with the brim turned up, is sitting on a early model Douglas motorcycle, 1915.

Barbara Davies and Billy Gall on a motorcycle, ca. 1938.

Two women posing with a motorbike and sidecar, ca. 1922.

(Photos via State Library of Queensland, Australia)


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