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August 14, 2014

Fascinating Photographs That Capture Street Scenes of New York City in the 1980s

Janet Delaney is a photographer and educator based in Berkeley, California. From 1984 to 1987, Janet documented everyday street scenes on the opposite coast during several trips to New York City. With twin-lens Rolleiflex in hand, the photographer wandered the streets of Manhattan so different from the quiet suburbs of Los Angeles. Check out her view on 1980s New York City below.

Man asleep on car, 1985

Subway readers, 1985

Sunbather on the East River, 1985

Manhattan Bridge, 1985

Woman walking in street, 1986

American, Staten Island Ferry, 1985

Event at City Hall, 1985

Mother and daughter, 1985

Man dunking sandwich, 1985

Wall Street, 1984

Woman with tree, 1987

$2 Dollar admission, SoHo Party, 1985

Coats for sale, 1984

Broadway – Lafayette Station, 1984

A policeman in Soho, 1984

South Street at Beekman, 1984

6am on the Staten Island Ferry, 1985

Brooklyn Bridge from Dover Street, 1986

Fish Co., South Street, 1985

Painter, SoHo, 1984

Playing Video Games, 1985

South Street, 1984

Trash on the East River, 1986

Twin Towers and Truck, 1987

View of the Twin Towers, 1985

Waiting for Phone Call, 1985

World War 3, 1986

(Photos © Janet Delaney)


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