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November 6, 2013

Rare Vintage Photos of a French Soldier With His Badass Folding Bicycle in 1896

Distinguishing the person who first made a collapsing bike is challenging to focus in light of the fact that inventors may have not reported their creations. On the other hand, as stated by the Folding Cyclist site, the first known patent for a collapsing bike is archived in the United States as having been issued to innovator Michael B. Ryan in 1893.

French military officer Henry Gerard indexed the following reported collapsing bike patent in France in 1896. In advertising the bike, Gerard collaborated with industrialist Charles Morel, who transformed the bikes for the French military.

Innovator William Cr-owe protected a third collapsing bike plan in England in 1896. The configuration was dissimilar from past licenses: It consolidated a collapsing edge, as well as collapsing handlebars. Makers made the bike under the name Faun Folding Cycle.



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