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October 21, 2013

Boy Selling Comic Books in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, ca. 1940s

A young entrepreneur selling his comic books for $.05 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Oak Ridge, in Eastern Tennessee, was the secret home of tens of thousands of workers and their families during World War II.

(Photo: James E. Westcott-DOE)

Starting in 1942, the U.S. government began quietly acquiring more than 60,000 acres in Eastern Tennessee for the Manhattan Project – the secret World War II program that developed the atomic bomb. The government needed land to build massive facilities to refine and develop nuclear materials for these new weapons, without attracting the attention of enemy spies. The result was a secret town named Oak Ridge. The entire town and facility were fenced in, with armed guards posted at all entries. Workers were sworn to secrecy and only informed of the specific tasks they needed to perform. Most were unaware of the exact nature of their final product until the nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan in 1945.


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