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November 27, 2018

38 Bizarre and Hilarious Pictures Show How Funny Victorian Life Was

Here is a collection of bizarre and hilarious pictures that shows Victorian people were so funny.

Burglary couple

 Burglary couple. Badass wife

Burglary couple. Hands up!

A happy home

 His mother-in-law. The visit

 His mother-in-law. The dispute

His mother-in-law. The farewell

Ducking for apples

Surprise gentleman

The caught

 He got in game

A sad predicament. He wants to go home

Ballet practice

Bridge family

Couple bathing baby

Dog kiss

Father, nurse, twins

Fears the storm

Girl serves tomatoes

Home sweet home

In the daisy field

Interrupted lovers

Boxing ladies

Lady and gentleman

Lovers caught

Newlywed kiss

Plaster pull

Practical jokers

Robbing the male

"Shall I leave my summer love behind?"

Shushing lady

The curtain lecture

The lover wants to turn down the lamp while the lady objects

Torn pants boy

Wading ladies re-clothe

Wedding night

Wife in amor

Woman in amor



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