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June 4, 2024

Uni Students Hang an FJ Holden From the Adelaide University Footbridge, as a Prosh Day Prank in 1971

In 1971, Adelaide University Engineering students pulled off a prank that saw an FJ Holden suspended from the footbridge.

An FJ Holden dangles from a city bridge over the River Torrens in 1971, in one of the most infamous Prosh Day pranks in Adelaide’s history.

Of course it’s important to realize that the tale becomes more grand with each telling but a witness account went like this; “Under cover of the early hours of one Friday morning, a group of volunteers pushed the FJ Holden under the bridge next to the water on the southern bank of the Torrens.

“The car was lifted using beams and lifting gear attached to a small hand-operated crane on the footbridge. The crane, with car attached, was then pushed out to the centre of the bridge. The car was firmly secured to the bridge using a large chain. The crane and volunteers then quickly disappeared into the night and were never found.”

The prank is still part of student folklore.


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