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June 18, 2024

Paul McCartney Making Some Funny Faces to Cheer You Up!

The Beatles were known as being humorous and having good senses of humor. They did have a bit of a “British” sense of humor, and it was that sense of humor combined with their distinctly working class sense of cheeky playfulness that helped contribute to their popularity. It wasn’t just their music that made them superstars, it was also their personalities both as individuals and as a group.

Paul was the least funny of the four, although he had a gift for sarcasm. He was smart as a whip and noticed everything around him but he sometimes seemed ill at ease when putting on a comic front. He came off much better when he let himself be “cheeky” with the press.

Get ready to laugh out loud with these funny pictures of Paul McCartney. Explore the lighter side of this legendary musician and share a chuckle with your friends.


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