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May 9, 2024

Behind the Scenes Photographs Taken by Bunny Yeager During the Filming of “Dr. No” in Jamaica

Rarely seen photographs taken during the filming of Dr No in Jamaica. They were most likely taken by the production stills photographer Bunny Yeager but that is not fully confirmed. Terence Young directed.

Bunny was definitely on set during the shooting of the scenes on the beach. She describes how she came to take the photos in her book Camera in Jamaica:

“The photos of Ursula wearing a bikini and shirt, posing besides some roots were made a few feet away from the scene of the film. The cinematographer and crew took a break because cloud was overhead so I was able to sneak in a few shots. Exposure was 1/50 sec at f8 as the area was in shade in addition to the sun being hidden. The photo near the centre by the boats and fish nets show Ursula wrapped in a towel. Here I used a strobe light to balance the lighting in the background. The other shots were taken after work about 6pm on the beach near the hotel. The light was terribly dim, making it hard to see focus. I used a tripod shooting at 1/10 sec at f8, then I used strobe to help lighten face and figure.”

She described Ursula Andress “as about five feet five, with brown skin and brown hair sun streaked blond. Her figure is firm, trimmed and tanned all over. Her hips are especially slim which is unusual for sensual looking women. She admits to being moody. Her husband claims she is unpredictable and is really ten different women rolled into one.”


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