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May 31, 2024

Beautiful Photos of the 1914 Cadillac Model 30 Five-Passenger Touring

The Detroit automaker experienced a significant leap forward with the Cadillac Model 30, particularly with the introduction of the electric starter in 1912. Although the model would see replacement in 1915, continuous enhancements were made until its discontinuation.

Notably, vehicles like the 1914 Model 30 Five-Passenger Touring maintained the 365.8-cubic-inch L-head inline-four engine and three-speed gearbox, while incorporating a two-speed rear axle by the end of its production. This addition significantly improved the Model 30’s capability for higher-speed touring.

The Cadillac Model 30 was built with the evolving needs of a more mobile America in mind. This is evident not only in the inclusion of the new two-speed rear axle for 1914 but also in the elevation of the engine-driven air compressor, once an optional feature, to standard equipment. This underhood compressor proved invaluable for roadside tire inflation, emphasizing the model’s commitment to practicality and convenience.

Here below is a set of beautiful photos of the 1914 Cadillac Model 30 Five-Passenger Touring.


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