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April 25, 2024

Fascinating Photos Capture Street Scenes of Tijuana in the Late 1980s

Tijuana is the largest city in the state of Baja California located on the northwestern Pacific Coast of Mexico. Tijuana is the municipal seat of the Tijuana Municipality and the hub of the Tijuana metropolitan area. It has a close proximity to the Mexico–United States border, which is part of the San Diego-Tijuana metro area.

Tijuana in the 1980s was a vibrant and dynamic city known for its border culture, nightlife, and tourism. It experienced rapid growth during this time, becoming a popular destination for visitors from both Mexico and the United States.

The city’s proximity to the US border made it a hub for trade, commerce, and entertainment, leading to the development of a unique blend of Mexican and American influences. However, it also faced challenges such as urbanization, population growth, and issues related to drug trafficking and organized crime.

These fascinating photos were taken by Rob56 that show street scenes of Tijuana in 1989.

A view down the main street, Tijuana, 1989

A bridge on the Highway between the U.S. Mexico Border and Tijuana, 1989

A street scene from Tijuana, 1989

A street scene from Tijuana, 1989

A view from the cab down the main street, Tijuana, 1989

An "Alto" sign, Tijuana, 1989

An intersection on the main street at the Woolworth building, Tijuana, 1989

On the Mexico Side of the Border, Tijuana, 1989

One of the side streets as seen from the main street, Tijuana, 1989

Signs in Tijuana, 1989

The 7-up sign was missing the red spot, Tijuana, 1989

The mountain in the distance is packed with housing, Tijuana, 1989

The Tijuana exits on the Highway, 1989

Under the canopy of the Woolworth building on the main street, Tijuana, 1989

Writing a summons, Tijuana, 1989


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