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March 21, 2024

Fabulous Photos of Dorothy Dickson in the 1920s

Born 1893 in Kansas City, Missouri, American actress and singer Dorothy Dickson is known mostly for her rendition of the Jerome Kern song “Look for the Silver Lining”. She was also a member of the Ziegfeld Follies and made many appearances in New York and abroad. In 1922, she starred in The Cabaret Girl. In 1936, she co-starred with Ivor Novello in his Careless Rapture and, in 1937, in his Crest of the Wave.

Dickson starred in a few silent films, including Eastward Ho! (1919) and Paying the Piper (1921).

During her early days on the London stage, Dickson was introduced to another future celebrity, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, later the Queen Mother. The two became close friends and their friendship lasted until Dickson’s death at age 102. Her daughter was the actress Dorothy Hyson, who was married to Sir Anthony Quayle.

During the Second World War she was involved in organizing the London version of Stage Door Canteen. She died in 1996 in London at the age of 102. Take a look at these fabulous photos to see the beauty of young Dorothy Dickson in the 1920s.


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