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February 6, 2024

Kids React to Meeting Their New Good Looking Teachers on Candid Camera, 1965

It’s common for kids to have crushes on their teachers. Crushes can be healthy and positive. Students might find someone who would be a good role model for them, spark an interest in learning and help (them) figure out their newly developing romantic feelings.

An adorable footage from a 1965 Candid Camera episode shows that being hot for teacher isn’t new. Candid Camera was a hidden camera show that first aired in 1948 where people were secretly filmed for their reactions to uncomfortable situations. In this episode, a group of students who appear to be about 13 years old are introduced to a “new” teacher who the show refers to as “gorgeous.”

The first experiment shows two girls who have a brief chat with their ‘handsome’ new male teacher. His smirk, perfectly coiffed hair and suit has an immediate effect on both young ladies, with one of the girls responding only by staring at the man with a blank stare.

“I’d like to know whether the girls would like to be in my class,” he says in a movie star-like voice.

When the teacher is called away, the girls look at each other and gasp. They’re in a state of utter hock and mumble to each other in disbelief – especially because the gentleman is “young.”

The Candid Camera crew pulled the same trick on two boys, in which a tall blonde teacher walks into the classroom and leaves them stunned.

The teacher sits on the desk in front of the two boys and politely shakes their hands. She appears to introduce herself as “Miss Darling” and reveals she is the new social studies teacher. The teacher was played by Miss Sweden 1961 Gunilla Knutsson.

When she gets called away by another member of staff, the two boys can barely contain their excitement.

The same social experiment is done on two more boys who giggle and one even collapses into his chair. The social experiments have had a huge reaction on social media.


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