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January 29, 2024

Incredibly Colorized Portrait Photos Taken by Harris & Ewing in the Early 20th Century

Harris & Ewing Inc. was a photographic studio in Washington, D.C. established by George W. Harris and Martha Ewing. As a full service studio, it did portraits and also had a news photo service. Various museums and the Library of Congress have collections of their photographs.

Colorized portraits taken by Harris & Ewing in the early 20th century

On his retirement, Harris gave some 700,000 glass and film negatives to the Library of Congress. They are preserved as the Harris & Ewing Collection in the Prints and Photographs Division. Largely taken in and around Washington between 1905 and 1945, the photos portray people, events, and architecture. Many are scanned and online.

The City Museum of Washington, D.C. also has a large number of Harris & Ewing photographs, and others are held by the National Portrait Gallery and the Newseum. The Professional Photographers of America named its highest award after Harris.

These incredibly colorized photos from Rob van den Berg were taken by Harris & Ewing that show portraits of people from between the 1900s and 1930s.

Birth of the American flag, circa 1900s

Miss Billie Burke, circa 1900s

Miss E. Portner, circa 1900s

Miss Gregg, circa 1900s

Miss Ross F. R., circa 1900s

Admiral G. Melville, circa 1900s

Cliff Berryman, 1905-45

John Twomoon, 1905-45

Miss E. Crouse, 1905

Theodore Roosevelt, 1907

Alexander Graham Bell, circa 1910s

Eleanor Wilson, circa 1910s

Miss C. Farwell, circa 1910s

Mrs James P. Marley, circa 1910s

Mrs. Edward B. McLean, circa 1910s

Mrs. James P. Marley, circa 1910s

Miss Enez Thomas, circa 1920s

Mrs. Cecil John, circa 1920s

Taylor Imogene Fairchild, circa 1920s

Queenie Ladovitch, 1924

Barbara Sincerbeaux, 1933

Lucille Hatcher, 1933

Mary Wilson Dickey, 1933

Mrs. Maurice Smith, 1933

Mrs. W. C. Bullock, 1933


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