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November 24, 2023

Vintage Photographs of People Riding Electric Scooters From the Early 20th Century

The electric scooter seems like a new fashionable means of transport, we can find it around the streets. People ride the electric scooter to work, school, having fun. But it is quite unknown that the electric scooters first appeared in the last century. A hundred years ago, people rode electric scooters for a ride, and some others use it to commit crimes.

Scooters were popular during World War I, part of the reason is their very low fuel consumption, which provided transportation for many people who could not afford a car or motorcycle.

Some businesses also experimented with this novel vehicle. For example, the New York Postal Service uses it to deliver mail. In 1916, four special delivery postmen at the U.S. Postal Service were experimenting with their new tool, they called it “Autoped.”

The scooter was once popular, but soon after the end of World War I, electric scooters disappeared. Its usefulness has been challenged, such as weighing more than 100 pounds itself and being difficult to carry. On the other hand, as is the case now, some sections of the road are not suitable for scooters, and some sections of the road are prohibited scooters. Even in 1921, Arthur Hugo Cecil Gibson, an American inventor of scooters, abandoned manufacturing and improving the two-wheeler, saying they were outdated.


  1. The Autoped was not electric. None of the scooters above are either. All single cylinder internal combustion engines.

  2. we can see the plug




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