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September 7, 2023

Did You Know That the Huichol Tribe (Descendants of the Aztecs) of Mexico Actually Share the Pain of Childbirth?

The Indigenous people known as the Huichol first appeared in the highlands of Central Mexico some 15,000 years ago. According to their ancient traditions, both men and women would experience the pain of childbirth. Here’s how it was done: the father would position himself on the rafters with a rope tied around his scrotum, while the mother would pull on it while giving birth.

The tradition in Huichol culture that involves the father taking an active role in supporting the laboring mother is truly unique. It is believed that by sitting above his wife in the rafters of the hut, the father symbolically shares in her pain on the journey towards bringing new life into the world. This practice highlights the deep bond and interconnectedness between partners during childbirth and emphasizes their shared responsibilities for their children.

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