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May 24, 2023

Beautiful Photos of the Voisin C14

The Voisin C14 chassis was produced from late 1927 into 1932 with a total of 1,795 were manufactured, making the C14 one of Voisin’s most prolific models. Many received custom bodies inspired by the Art Deco movement, especially those design by the Andre Lefèbvre for Voisin like the Chartre Demi-Berline.

The C14 utilized a 2.4-litre 6-cylinder engine featuring the patented Knight-type sleeve valve design, which helped the engine operate in relative silence. First patented by pioneer Charles Knight in 1908, sleeve valves replaced standard poppet valves with moving sleeves that surrounded the piston to uncover intake and exhaust ports. This complex system worked without return springs, and enabled very high engine speeds with less stress than a conventional pushrod design. Voisin decided that the resulting quieter ride would offset the slight haze left by the exhaust as oil slipped between the sleeves.

The C14 utilized the famed Voisin-developed transfer box system in conjunction with a conventional transmission to effectively provide a low and high-speed range for each forward gear. It was controlled by Cotal electric relays operated via switches on the steering column. Additional technical features included power assisted braking and Voisin worm-gear steering.

Here below is a set of beautiful photos of the Voisin C14.


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