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May 24, 2023

Vintage Photos of Monocles in Adverts and Posters in the Early 20th Century

A monocle is a type of corrective lens used to correct or enhance the visual perception in only one eye. It consists of a circular lens placed in front of the eye and held in place by the eye socket itself. Often, to avoid losing the monocle, a string or wire is connected to the wearer's clothing at one end and, at the other end, to either a hole in the lens or, more often, a wire ring around its circumference.

The antiquarian Philipp von Stosch wore a monocle in Rome in the 1720s, in order to closely examine engravings and antique engraved gems, but the monocle did not become an article of gentlemen’s apparel until the 19th century.

The dandy’s quizzing glass of the 1790s was an article of high fashion, which differs from the monocle in being held to one's eye with a handle in a fashion similar to a lorgnette, rather than being held in place by the eye socket itself.

Here below is a photos collection that shows monocles in adverts and posters in the early 20th century.

Abadie, 1905

Harry Walden - Apollo Theater, 1909

Kleider Fabrik - Baersohn, 1910

Richters Reiseführer, 1910

Corsets Obersky, 1912

Műller Extra, 1912

Pegasus auf dem Eise - Ballfest, 1912

Victoria Casino, 1912

Richard's - Grill Room, 1913

Asta Nielsen, 1914

Fledermaus Restaurant, Berlin, 1914

Prince of Wales, 1914

Reichs-Bücherwoche, 1915

Lachende Herzen, 1919

Libelle - Tägl Tantz, 1919

Schwarzer Kater, 1919

Cafe Moritzplatz, 1920

Harry Bar, Berlin, 1920

Odeon Casino, 1920

Typenball, 1920

Marmorhaus "Kri Kri", 1921

Metropol, 1925

Winter Garten - Roda Roda, 1927

Die schönste Frau von Paris, 1928

Alexander-Buffet - Die Richtige Bar, circa 1920s

Palais der Friedrichstadt, circa 1920s

"Reigen" Ball, circa 1920s

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