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May 7, 2023

30 Amazing French Bicycle Posters in the Late 19th Century

Historically, the French have had a romantic attachment to their bikes. Though the first functioning two-wheeler is thought to have been invented by a German in 1817, it was the French who popularized and marketed the device in the 1860s, giving it the name “bicycle.”

The bicycle evokes freedom, it is also central to French literature. Here below is a set of amazing photos that show French bicycle posters in the 1890s.

Cycles 'St. George's, circa 1890

Phebus Paris, circa 1890

Cycles l'Etendard Francais, 1891

Cycles Decauville, 1892

Cycles Whitworth, 1894

Acetene Metropole, 1895

Courses Velocipediques, 1895

5 Cycles A. Mercier, circa 1895

Cycles Clement, 1895

Cycles Gladiator Paris, 1895

Cycles Gladiator, 1895

Cycles Omega, 1895

Rouxel & Dubois, 1895

Cycles Cotterau, 1896

Cycles Terrot - Dijon, 1896

Cycles Terrot - Dijon, 1896

Cycles Clesse, 1897

Cycles Daring, 1897

Cycles Médinger, 1897

Deesse, 1897

Clement, circa 1898

Cycles Clement - Paris, 1898

Cycles Clement, 1898

Cycles J.Bovy & Fills, 1898

Cycles La Francaise, 1898

Cycles Peugeot, 1898

La Peoria - Bicyclette Américaine de Luxe, circa 1898

Cycles & Automobiles Georges Richard, 1899

Cycles Liberator, 1899

Cycles Sirius, 1899


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