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January 29, 2023

Rita Moreno Photographed by Loomis Dean for LIFE Magazine, 1954

Rita Moreno in an interview with LIFE magazine:
“Do you know how I got on the cover in the first place? Oh, it was such a wacky thing. I Love Lucy was enormously popular at the time, sitcoms were just taking hold on television, and the Desilu people decided to go into production with some other shows—including one starring Ray Bolger. It turned out that he just wasn't right for the medium, and the show didn't get off the ground—but during rehearsals I happened to be on set one day when a LIFE photographer showed up to chronicle the action. Well, the pictures made it back to the editors at LIFE and, the way I heard it, someone saw me in one of the shots and said, ‘Who’s that girl?’.

“Next thing I know, LIFE calls me up about a photo shoot. The idea behind Loomis Dean’s pictures—showing me in all sorts of silly poses, pretending to act out this huge gamut of emotions—was ridiculous, but the photos were lovely. And I was happy to be in LIFE. Oh, who am I kidding? I was f*cking thrilled.”


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