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January 8, 2023

David Bowie Photographed by Roger Bamber in 1973

David Bowie photographed by Roger Bamber in 1973. This was a field in Scotland during the tour – the bus stopped and Bowie just mucked about for Roger while they waited for the “back on the bus” call.

Roger said: “It was a really fun time. That sort of stuff backstage never got used before but it was a great time to be a fly on the wall. Most of those pictures no one has ever seen. Most I hadn’t seen since I took them. It was incredible.”

Even when some people did not yet know what to think of the glittering and leotarded Ziggy Stardust, Roger was convinced.

“I though he was brilliant. He was a very, very affable man. I went on a few tours with him. The whole thing is still in my memory and in these pictures. I got on very well with Mick Ronson the guitarist. At the Lewisham gig which must have been one of my earliest, I did all that stuff backstage.

“After the show had finished and I had finished my work I went to get my car. In those days I had a Lotus Cortina which I went around in, it was very sporty. It was a cream color, no Ivory. And I used it that day. I went out after the show and there was no car. It had been stolen or pinched or something.

“I went back to the theatre – this was in the days well before mobile phones. I went back in and upstairs and found Mick in the dressing room. He said ‘What you doing back here?’ And I said ‘someone’s stolen my car.’ He said they were just wrapping up and so we went out and looked for my car in the tour bus. We went touring round Lewisham looking for my car with Mick Ronson and David Bowie in the top of the tour bus. We never did find my car.

“But they were such great fun to hang around with, such an affable crowd. I photographed David Bowie quite a few times on different tours and in his different guise and he was always such an easy person to get on with. I think that was the thing, we just got on.”


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