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October 6, 2022

1990 Nestle Crunch Candy Bar TV Commercial – Russian Nuclear Submarine

The commercial aired on May 5, 1990 during the broadcast of “World Figure Skating – Tour of Champions” on WRC Channel 4 in Washington DC. WRC Channel 4 is the NBC affiliate in DC.

A peaceful father/son fishing trip is interrupted by a mammoth submarine that emerges from directly beneath their boat, lifting it from the water. At the time of the incident, the child had been snacking on a Nestle Crunch and he surmises that the candy bar is what prompted the commotion. A soviet general and his comrades soon exit the vessel and approach the family. Undeterred by the likelihood of attack, the boy offers his extra candy bar to the Russian as an olive branch. The soldier promptly accepts it, takes a bite and smiles at the audible crunching sounds that the bar produces. As a symbol of his appreciation, he gifts the child a large fur hat before reentering his submarine, candy bar in hand.


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