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August 1, 2022

Old Video of Shakira Witnessing Camera Phone for the First Time in Japan

Technology continues to surprise us thanks to its incredible advance by leaps and bounds. But, do you remember when there were no camera phones? Either, when did they first appear? During a visit from Shakira to Japan in 2002, the singer went to an interview with Katsuya Kobayashi and was amazed because of something he saw during that moment: a cell phone with a camera.

Shakira, astonished, did not stop questioning and questioning the woman about that small and innovative device that she was holding and that could take photos and record video.

“Is that a camera? You have to show me that. Oh, my God! I can’t believe it, it’s spectacular!” exclaimed Shakira.

The woman who held the phone showed her everything she could do and that’s when she showed her the photo that Shakira had taken with them, which further amazed the Colombian singer, who couldn’t believe what she was experiencing.

Shakira kept wondering if those cell phones worked in the Americas, to which the woman with the cell phone answered no. “Where do you get this? This doesn’t work in America, does it? Thank God, because imagine the paparazzi with this. It would be very dangerous,” Shakira mentioned between laughs.

The phone that Shakira admires is the Sharp J-SH04 camera device, launched in 2000 and only available in Japan. Today cell phones not only allow taking photos, but have become a fundamental tool for human beings in their daily lives, becoming an extension of the body.

Finally, in the video, before leaving, Shakira turns back to the woman, who appears to be a translator, to ask her if she also records video, to which she is even more excited. “Is it also a video? Is incredible”


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