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May 25, 2022

Fascinating Headdress: 20 Vintage Portraits of Alsatian Women in Their Traditional Costumes From the Early 20th Century

Although the traditional costume is no longer really worn nowadays, it remains a symbol of Alsace recognizable throughout France. Inspired by the rigor of dress inherited from German fashions and French aesthetics, Alsatian costume is still proudly worn today at regional events or weddings.

Women’s clothing consists mainly of a white blouse and a black apron worn over a colored skirt. This skirt is different according to the religion of the wearer. A Catholic Alsatian woman will wear the “Kutt,” a long red skirt while a Protestant Alsatian woman will wear the “rock,” shorter and of green, blue, red or purple color according to the liturgical calendar.

The large knot cap is also one of the key pieces of the Alsatian dress. As for the dress, details differ according to religions. Protestants wear a black knot whose sides stop at shoulder height, while for Catholics, the sides of the headdress go down to the waist. Unmarried girls wear bows with fancy ribbons.

To the delight of visitors, several Alsatian towns regularly allow these costumes to be admired at village festivals or folk dance shows.


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