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May 25, 2022

1969 Unisex Hairstyles

Women and men throughout the ages have embraced short hair as a way to show their agency and power. Since the beginning on time, the ideal standard for men and women’s hairstyles has always changed back and forth.

Unisex hairstyles have come a long way from the ancient times, when Greek widows would cut off their hair and bury it with their husbands as a way of mourning. For men and women during the World War I era, function and utility played a primary role in their grooming and fashion. The war meant that long hair for men was a limitation.

Many women who felt that they didn’t want to be limited by their hair followed suit and cropped their hair into a bob. These much shorter hairstyles on women during the 1920s were considered unconventional and daring.

Due to the influence of mod bands like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, mop-top hairstyles were most popular during the mid 60s. The mod haircut began as a short version around 1963 through 1964, developed into a longer style worn during 1965–66, and eventually evolved into an unkempt hippie version worn during the 1967–1969 period and into the early 1970s. Below are some unisex hairstyle from Hairdo & Beauty magazine, 1969.


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