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April 9, 2022

Skirts and Saddle Shoes: Favorite Styles of ’40s Teenage Girls

The term ‘teenager’ was coined in 1941, and Seventeen magazine printed its first issue in 1944, showing off young teenager-targeted clothing and interests. It was a new market, one that was somewhere between girls and college-age young women.

Teenagers were obsessed with crooner Frank Sinatra, hung out at soda fountains, and danced all night to jazz and swing music. 1940s teenage fashions reflected this new, carefree outlook on life.

In the life of a 1940s teenager, there was a war going on, but it was something that only seemed to affect their parents. The teen girl uniform of the 1940s was a pleated plaid skirt, snug fitting sweater over a blouse, white bobby socks, and a pair of loafers or saddle shoes. This was a simple, easy, comfortable outfit that was dressy enough for school yet informal enough for after school fun.

Here below is a set of vintage photos that shows teenage girls wearing skirts and saddle shoes in the 1940s.


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