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March 3, 2022

35 Autochrome Photos of Indonesia in the Early 20th Century

These photos from Carl Guderian are of Bandung and other parts of Java during the early 20th century, when Indonesia was still a Dutch colony.

The photos appear to document one or two visits by an unknown Dutch family to relatives who apparently lived in Senen, a district of Jakarta (then Batavia), in 1911 and 1912, then lived in Bandung on Riouwstraat (now Jalan R.E. Martadinata) 51, 53, or 55, in 1923 and 1924. (Famed Dutch cabaret performer Wim Kan lived in Riouwstraat 53 or 55 from 1939 until the Japanese conquest in 1942). The houses bear the names ‘SUNNY HOMES’.

The photographer was clearly a rich amateur, as the compositional quality rarely rises above the level of holiday snapshots. However, he or she at least knew enough to take long enough exposures (about 30 times that of monochromes) to get clear images, almost all outdoors and in strong sunlight.


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  1. Hi. These photos are from my Flickr page. I don't mind people reposting them, because as far as I know they are unique, so I put them online to be seen, but you could at least add some value--maybe come up with information I haven't found myself--it's just good manners. Merely scraping content to fill your ad-cluttered site in hopes of generating clicks is not what Creative Commons licensing is about.




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