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March 24, 2022

12 Vintage Photos of Donut Queens From the Mid-20th Century

The popularity of the Miss America pageant led to a variety of beauty contests — many during the 1950s, a golden age for pageants. Some events were more important, politically and socially, than others. The crowning of the National Doughnut Queen held less social significance. But contestants in every beauty pageant shared one thing — the sincere desire to be chosen queen — or king, in some cases — and to represent a community ideal...

Below are 12 amazing vintage photographs of Donut Queens from between the 1940s and 1950s:

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  1. These photos are fun. Pin-ups from this era were always really good. They struck a great balance between wholesome and sexy, remaining classy, and most of all the ladies always had lovely smiles. Few things are more of a turn-off than a model that frowns or scowls, or looks bored, as so many of them do today.

    Now I'm hungry for doughnuts.




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