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December 18, 2021

10 Vintage Christmas Tree Recipes of Yore We’re Glad Haven’t Made a Comeback

The holidays are a great time for tradition, and the perfect time to serve those family recipes passed down over the generations, but we’d rather not resurrect frozen fruit cake salad, thanks very much. For all the great, festive foods we’ve seen over the years, there have been some equally terrible ones.

Why so many foods had to be shaped like a Christmas tree is a mystery that will never be solved. Here are a few holiday foods of yore we’re glad haven’t made a comeback.

1. Tuna Christmas Tree

2. Shrimp Christmas Tree

3. Christmas Confections

4. Cocktail Weenie Tree

5. The Deviled Ham Sandwich Tree

6. The Flaky Christmas Tree

7. Antipasto Christmas Tree

8. Heinz Pickle Christmas Tree

9. Oscar Mayer Holiday Hostess Tree

10. Eggnog Shrimp Christmas Tree


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