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November 27, 2021

40 Amazing Vintage Posters in the 1920s and ’30s by Jean d’Ylen

Born 1886 in Paris as Jean Paul Beguin, French posterist Jean d’Ylen manifested his special talents for design at the age of twelve and won gold and silver medals from the Ville de Paris in 1898.

Posters in the 1920s and ’30s by Jean d’Ylen

In 1914, d’Ylen got married and joined the 279th Infantry Regiment. He then joined the Cartography Department of the Army. After the war, he quickly opted for a career in poster design. Vercassson were keen to sign him up and he joined the firm in 1919. They presented his work at the Salon de la Publicite. He had an exclusive contract with Vercasson for about thirty posters.

d’Ylen designed posters for Waterman, Ripolin, Jacquemaire, Shell, Bally and Sandeman’s Port. The posters were on advertising hoardings all over the walls of France. Soon his creations were scattered over Europe, England (by Weiner), Sweden, Holland, USA, Canada and Australia.

From 1934, a dispute with Vercasson, led him to work directly for Weiner in London. d’Ylen designed for Esso, BP, the Daily Herald, Power Ethyl and was widely recognized as a leader in his field.

In 1938, d’Ylen died prematurely, at the height of his career. His defining comment was in 1921, when he said, “A poster must be expressive, colorful and have an attraction which captures the attention of a passer by”.

Here is a set of amazing posters designed by Jean d’Ylen in the 1920s and 1930s.

Craven A, Cork Tipped Virginia Cigarettes, circa 1920s

Danse de Moscou, 1920

Krema, Le Meilleur Bonbon au Beurre, circa 1920s

Ripolin paints, circa 1920s

Fiorino Asti Spumante, 1922

l'Ére Nouvelle, Grand quotidien de l'Union des Gauches, 1922

La Dépêche, Le Plus Grand Journal de Province, 1922

Vermouth Fratelli Branca, 1922

Balsam, Apéritif au Quinquina, 1923

Bitter Sécrestat, 1924

Chantier Houiller, charbons domestiques & industriels, 1924

Lampes Gramme, 1924

Rhum Charleston, 1924

Longines, circa 1925

Luc, Cellulose lacquer for home use, 1925

Pour l'affichage dans les gares, 1925

Tous Adoptent La Lorraine, 1925

Cigarettes Matossian Le Caire Égypte, 1926

La Blédine Jacquemaire fait les bébés robustes, 1926

Les Petites Visseaux font les grandes lumières, 1926

Quilmes Bock, 1926

Réchaud Furnus, cuit tout sans dessecher, 1926

Sandeman's Port-centaur, 1926

"Ideal" Waterman, 1927

Cap Corse Quinquina, L. N. Matteï, 1927

Chaussures Bally, 1927

L'Italia presenta al mondo il suo miglior prodotto Fernet Branca, 1927

La potente e perfetta pariglia, Shell Olio & Benzina, 1927

Miss Blanche, 1927

Bière Allary, circa 1928

La Maison du Porte Plume, 1928

Teinture Idéale, Pour teindre soi-même tous tissus, 1929

"Diablerets" Apéritif, 1930

Bière Gangloff, 1930

Cognac Richarpailloud, circa 1930

Idéal-Boulle pour Raviver les Couleurs, 1930

Jabón Sarrapia para el tocador, 1930

Les Cafés du Brésil alimentent l'Univers, 1930

Mackintosh's Toffe De Luxe, 1930

Entérites, Rhumatismes gueris à... Plomières-Les Bains, 1931


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