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November 27, 2021

30 Black and White Photos of Life in New York in the Late 1970s

Manel Armengo is a Spanish photographer. He studied journalism in Barcelona and has been doing photojournalism independently since 1971. Armengo was among the photographs who made photographic reports of the social movements against Franco in his last years of government. 

In 1976, Armengo captured the violent police charge against the peaceful demonstration that took place during the Spanish transition in Barcelona, for which he received the photography award from Flash magazine.

In 1977 and 1978 Armengo came to New York, which was considered a dangerous city at the time, as visitors were advised to always remain in Mid-Town, stay at home after 6 pm and be alert and ready for fight or flight. 

Take a look back at the city in the late 1970s through these 30 fantastic black-and-white photographs taken by Armengo:

Happy Family

One Mile House Restaurant

Twin Towers

King Kong again

The West Side Clean-Up Inc.

Te Amo, St.Mark’s Place, East Village

Daily life in The Bronx

Living in the Bronx

Happy girls, Lower East Side

Group of Amish, Washington Square

Pianosky, Washington Square

Washington Square

Little Italy


Twin Towers

The hat


Walking in Soho

One way

Residence for Alcoholics

Fire hydrant

Snow in Manhattan


Need help

Enjoying music, Central Park

NYC Gay Parade, Central Park

Three stories

Subway at 72nd St

Having fun at St. Mark’s Place, East Village

Snowing over Astor Place, East Village




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