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July 7, 2021

Photos of Great Dane “Thor” Riding Around in Sports Car With Mistress, 1961

Woman driving sports car around Hollywood with Thor the Great Dane riding shotgun in California, 1961. The photographs were taken by legendary Life magazine staff photographer Ralph (Rudy) Crane, who traveled with a stepladder and usually had three cameras strung around his neck.

The German-born Crane, who drew as much attention as the fine pictures he shot over several decades, had retired to Switzerland years ago but continued to work for Time Inc. publications. He was known as a versatile photographer at home in any setting–whether chronicling the diversity and magnificence of California for a special issue when the state became the most populous in the nation in the late 1950s, or focusing on a Mississippi plantation to illustrate segregation in the Deep South. He was equally adept at shooting color and black-and-white, news, still life’s and personalities.

(Photos by Ralph Crane, via LIFE photo archive)


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