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June 29, 2021

Life of England During Edwardian Era Through Amazing Photos

Edwardian Britain, the era, later known as the ‘Golden Age’, promoted ‘leisurely’ time. Fondly remembered for long hazy summer days, with the rich enjoying endless garden parties and banquets. Of course, this is the period before the outbreak of two awful World Wars.

Street scenes of England around 1900

The working class were treated as humans, not as machines. There remained a huge difference in the financial standing between the classes however. The nation saw the demise of child labour. The Boy Scout movement, founded in 1907 by Lord Baden Powell, encouraged boys to have a sense of duty and good citizenship.

These amazing photos from John Rochon show what life of England looked like during Edwardian era.

A young man showing off his rides with pride

At the park

Canal scene

Cavorting cadets

Dorset. Church Lane, Osmington

Essex. St. Mary's Church, Widford

Girl and the ducks

Highland games

Lady at at Little Bow Cattle Co. Ranch

London. Gloucester Road Station

London. House of Parliament

London. William Cochrane and his driver are seen parked across from the Carlton Hotel

Pampered puppy

Portsmouth Harbour

Portsmouth. Boats in Portsmouth Harbour

Pre-W.W.I. Royal Navy

Royal Navy cadets on an outing

Sack race

Sailing-steam vessel off the Guernsey coast

Side-wheelers on the Thames

Somerset. Bath from the train, showing the Catholic church of St John and the tower of the Abbey

Somerset. Brookfield House, Weston, Bath

Somerset. Haselbury Plucknett

Somerset. Haselbury Plucknett

Somerset. Haselbury Plucknett

Somerset. Victoria Monument at Royal Victoria Park, Bath

sword tutors

York. Micklegate Bar


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